Fall 2019

          Small Groups at First UMC


Pathways to Faith
Sunday Morning Bible Study and Discussion  
9 - 9:50 a.m.       Room 206
Discussion about what is happening in that week’s Biblical text, focus on how this story is happening in the world around us, and finally, explore relevance in the lives of the people in the group. Facilitated by a team of our best teachers/leaders.
Prayer Shawl Circle
2nd Sunday after Worship      Social Hall
A time to sit together and knit  the shawls that are one of the deepest and richest ways we connect with one another, offering the many blessings that are prayed into every stitch, given out to those in need of comfort and solace.  There is always room for more knitters, and for  those who want to come to be part of the circle.  Facilitated by Sandy Adams.
Art-filled Spiritual Practice for All 
6:30 p.m.   Room 205
Cross-Generational, child and family friendly.  Using art as a medium, each person will create a personal expression of a word or theme to illustrate their view of the passage.  Facilitated: Mary Meister, Director of Children’s Ministry  & Cathy Cook, Assistant Minister.
Monday Evening Study and Meditation                   
TBA: Monday evenings in October
Experience the passage through the practice of meditation, exploring  in a way that will open you to listening for what God is saying, resting in God’s presence in your life. Facilitated by Edna Bohannon
Chair Yoga                         
Chapel     Wednesdays at 10 a.m
Experience the passage through senses of mind, body and spirit,   Class taught by trained teacher from Woodlake Living.  Facilitated by Bev Ireland and Cathy Cook
Midweek Bible Study               
TBA        Wednesday Evening
There has been a request for a study which can be modeled after our Sunday morning class. Interest signups will be taken on September 8th.  Looking for leader team.
Saturday Morning Prayer Walking                  
Saturday 7:45-9:15 a.m.    Library
Read, then walk  and discuss in groups according to ability, coming back for conversation about the overall message of the passage and the application in one’s life.  Group led.
The Brewing Company                 
Starts Sept. 21 Saturday 10 a.m   Rm 205
A safe space to think about new ways to gain spiritual, emotional and intellectual balance that meets the challenges of living life—-through prayer, reading sacred word, sharing and song.     Facilitated by JB Brayfindley
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