Safe Ground


Safe Ground

Safe Ground is a group of self-governing homeless people who build community and transition out of poverty. They are an incorporated 501.c3 and have a Board of Directors. 

Safe Ground participants staff this program themselves, provide a registration station, sleeping bags as needed, guardian watches through the night, janitorial services, and assist in all of the work of making and serving the evening meal.

We regularly host residents of Safe Ground at FUMC during the Winter months.  We usually host 75 for dinner, and about 40 usually stay with us overnight, including about 15 to 20 women. 

Safe Ground has an organized approach when they come into our church. Before the homeless enter our church, the elders require each person to sign a pledge to not do alcohol or drugs, or commit violence or threaten anyone while with us. They will gently, nonviolently enforce that pledge. 

Participants do the clean up and then set up for games, puzzles and reading activities after dinner. At 8 p.m. they prepare for going to bed and lights out at 9 p.m.. In the morning, participants clean up, stow their gear and then move into their day.

FUMC now joins with Trinity Lutheran, St. Johns Lutheran, Trinity Episcopal, Pioneer UCC in providing their facilities and volunteers to provide hospitality for Safe Ground and their homeless members.

Volunteers are always needed – to host, cook, serve, shop, clean up and remain overnight.  Want to know more? Please register your interest by visiting the ‘Sign Up’ page under ‘Contact’ on this website.