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Love First Word - Luke 14:7-14

Ever gotten VIP tickets?

Maybe it was to a concert or a special event. It can make you feel really exclusive compared to everyone else. Ever thought about why we crave VIP status so much?

Dr. John Dewey, one of America's most profound philosophers said that the deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important. It's something we all have within us. It's what makes us feel good when someone points us out for something we worked hard on. It's the reason we want to dress in the latest fashion. It's not exactly a bad thing if we are aware of it. The danger is when we lose our perspective on why we are doing what we're doing.

In the Gospel of Luke 14:7-14, some Pharisees were at dinner with Jesus and he noticed how they rushed to sit the closest to the head of the table. There was nothing to gain from sitting closer to the host besides looking more important.

Jesus points out wouldn't it be more honorable to give the person who does not get to feel important a seat at the head of the table?

Shouldn't we give those who normally aren't seen an opportunity to be seen?

Where we get our feeling of importance says a lot about our own character.

What makes you feel important?

Our Community Meals program is a great place to get involved in serving those in our area. It's a chance to give dignity to those who need it. Roberta Mori has been leading that program for years and is now stepping down. She has been so remarkable in giving countless hours to service. If you see her take a moment to appreciate all she's done.

Be the next Roberta. Get involved in service. Humble yourself to lift others up.

Remember you are love first!

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