Recycling Is A Social Value…. 

Did you know that recycling is a stated United Methodist Social Value? 
With the New Year and encouragement from Pastor Rod, staff and the Board of Trustees, we will be implementing a strengthening recycling practice. Sacramento County co-mingles recycling.

This means that paper, cans, glass, plastic and cardboard free of debris can go in the same receptacle. This is great and easy but not so good if garbage, like used napkins and paper plates, get tossed in because this can turn our recycling into garbage! Over the next few months, you will have an opportunity to learn proper recycling practices.

Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to ask before you toss. Mindfully we can do this together as we recommit to our Methodist values of caring for the earth, as well as each other.

For questions ask the staff or contact Patricia Daugherty (916-225-8511).